Fence It In: Choose The Right Fence For Your Yard


You need a new fence for your yard but you're not sure what type you should choose. Before you make your final decision, take a few minutes and think about the purpose your new fence will serve. Do you want it to keep trespassers out? Do you want to give yourself more privacy? Do you want it to accentuate the landscaping you have around your home? Perhaps, you want it to do all three. To help you answer those questions and choose a suitable fence for your yard, here are three types of fencing you might want to consider.


If you want to create a definite boundary around your yard, but you still want your landscaping to be visible from the street, you should consider a wrought-iron fence. Wrought-iron fences provided security without creating a closed-in feeling around your home. One thing to remember is that wrought-iron fences are usually painted black, which means they'll require annual maintenance to keep the paint looking fresh.


Wood fences are a great way to create definite boundary lines around your home, as well as provide added security. Wood fences have a more organic feel than wrought-iron fences do, which make them a good choice if you're going for a natural environment. If you'd like to give your wood fence a distinct appearance, you can install the slats horizontally instead of the traditional vertical design.


One of the great things about panel fences is that you can get creative with the panels. For instance. Instead of purchasing ready-made fence panels, you can frame sheets of lattice to create a lattice-work panel fence around your yard. If you're looking for boundary lines without a closed-in feeling, you should consider adding a panel fence to your yard.

Poured- Concrete

When security, privacy and durability are on the top of your list, you should talk to your contractor about a poured-concrete wall. Poured-concrete walls provide the maximum amount of security for your home and will last for many years. If the traditional grey isn't to your liking, you can have the concrete tinted to a color of your choosing. It's important to note that this type of wall must be installed by a professional concrete contractor.

Now that it's time to choose a new fence for your yard, take the time to pick the right one. With so many options available, you're sure to find the perfect choice for your yard. If you still have questions, sit down with a fencing contractor or company like Morris Fence Co to discuss your options. 


6 October 2015

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