Exploring 4 Benefits Of PVC Fencing


Have you ever noticed a neighbor's white picket fence in the front yard managed to survive a storm, while your backyard privacy fence has entire sections that have blown over? Well, chances are, their white picket fence is made from a strong, relatively new fencing material: PVC. PVC is an umbrella term used for the materials that contain Poly-Vinyl Chloride, and these materials are steadily becoming a favorite fencing type among homeowners for their durability and low maintenance needs. When trying to decide whether or not having PVC fencing installed is a good idea for your home, it helps to explore the benefits of having it installed.

Durability and Flexibility

PVC fences are stronger than traditional wood fences. They are also made from materials that allow them some give and flexibility, which comes in handy during severe weather. PVC fencing is also the preferred choice among seaside homes, as the material is strong enough to stand up to the harshness of the salty air. Their durability is also a reason homes with horses or dogs who love to chew decide to use PVC fencing. The animals are less likely to harm a fence of this style.


One of the most glorious aspects of PVC fencing is the lack of maintenance required to keep it looking new and beautiful. A simple washing with soap and water every once in a while will suffice. There will be no repainting due to wear (but you can repaint if you'd like), no rust, and no discoloration. They also do not splinter, keeping your children and pets safe.


While the chemical name may seem daunting, PVC is perfectly safe for children, pets, and the soil in your home. The chemical PVC is derived from chlorine (salt), crude oil, and natural gas. Also, most of the PVC and vinyl fencing material are recycled, keeping the use and production of the materials at a minimum. This may also help your conscience rest easier as you aren't chopping trees or polluting the ground with your material.

There are many benefits to investing in a PVC fence that go far beyond the durability aspect. The warranty alone is enough of a selling point for some people. It's nice to rest easy knowing that whatever happens, your new fence is covered and you may not have to pay out of pocket to fix a problem that may arise.

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13 October 2015

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