Three Questions To Ask When You're Dealing With A Fence Company


Having a fence installed around you home can provide security and aesthetics. Although you'll likely want to spend considerable time deciding the right style of fence to suit your yard, it's equally important to spend time picking the right fence company to do the work. Augering equidistant holes, ensuring that your fence posts are truly vertical and taking care of all the small details of the job will ensure that you'll love your fence for years to come. Arrange for a few fence companies to send a representative to your home to look at your yard, provide you with an estimate and answer your questions. Here are three important questions to include in your discussion.

Do You Have A Better Recommendation For My Fence Style?

Reputable fence companies have extensive experience building all types of fences, which means the person who visits your home should be able to provide you with some insight about the fence you wish to have built. Asking this question can open the door to considering other types; perhaps you've thought about a chain-link fence, but the representative's suggestion of a vertical-post aluminum fence would better suit the look of your property, for example. Getting the rep to discuss the various types of fences, and their associated prices, will help you make the best decision for your yard.

Do You Take Care Of Ensuring It's Safe To Dig?

Any time a fence is built, it's important to call the city's "dig hotline" and ensure there are no gas lines or power lines buried directly in the area. This step is critical; damaging part of this infrastructure with an auger can lead to significant headaches for the homeowner. Ask the fence company representative if someone will take care of this essential step or if, as the homeowner, you're expected to make the call. It's imperative that this task doesn't fall through the cracks.

Does Your Warranty Cover Parts And Labor?

In the unlikely event that somethings goes wrong with your fence down the road, you want to be sure that you aren't hit with any unexpected charges. Asking about the ins and outs of the warranty protects you. For example, if part of the hardware on the fence gate fails because of a defect, it's important to know that the part will be replaced free of charge but also that the labor will be provided for free under the terms of the warranty.

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16 October 2015

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