Four Tips To Give Cedar Fencing A Protective Stain


Cedar is a great material to use for many different things, such as decking, siding, and fences. If you want your cedar to last longer, proper care is important. Part of the regular care of your fence includes staining and sealing it. You may also want to do things like adding groundcover to protect the base of the fence. Here are some tips that can help you to get more life out of your cedar fence:  

1. Leave It Natural And Clean It Regularly

Cedar is a really durable material to use on the exterior of your home. One way to treat it is not do anything. With just regular cleaning, the cedar can last for many years without being damaged. To do this, clean it from time to time with a pressure washer to get all the dirt and debris out of the cracks of the materials.

2. Using Clear Treatments And Lacquers To Protect Wood

There are also clear treatments like lacquers and wax treatments. These can be a good way to protect materials in areas with a lot of rain. They may not always be the best treatment for cedar that is in direct sunlight because the UV exposure can deteriorate the materials and cause the fence to wear faster.

3. Applying Stains With Color And Protective Additives

There are also many different types of stains that you can use on cedar fencing. These can include colors, which can be good if you are using a white wood and want to make it look red. You can also use stains that include sealant and UV protector in it. These stains will need to be applied regularly to prevent deterioration of cedar materials.

4. Treating The Fence Regularly With An Oil Treatment

There are also natural treatments that can be a great way to protect cedar. Oils can be applied to the materials to protect it from water and sunlight. Oil also has the benefit of keeping the natural colors of the wood. If you want the wood to look natural, but want to treat it with something, an oil treatment will be one of the best solutions.

Cedar fencing can be a great choice of materials if you want to have a long-lasting wood fence. If you want your fence to last even longer, these tips can help prevent wear and rot. If you are ready to install a new wood fence, contact a cedar wood fencing service to get the help you need.


19 October 2015

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