3 Keys To Maintaining Vinyl Fencing To Keep It Looking Like New


Far more durable than wood and offering a non-corrosive surface, vinyl fencing has quickly became a popular fencing choice for residential and business property owners alike. When that new vinyl fence is installed, shiny and new, there is no doubt that you will appreciate the aesthetic appeal and durability and want that to last as long as possible. With the proper care and attention, your new vinyl fencing will look just as good several years down the road. You just have to remember a few keys to maintaining a vinyl fence to help it stay as new in appearance as possible. 

1. Scrub down the fence with soap and water. - A few times a year, it is a good idea to grab a bucket of warm soapy water and scrub down your vinyl fencing with a soft-bristled scrub brush. Even though the slick surface of the fence will not become soiled as quickly as a painted or metal surface would, there can still be a fair amount of grime and mossy buildup, especially in the shaded areas. These soiled spots should come off fairly easy thanks to the slick sheen of the vinyl fencing's surface. 

2. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on your vinyl fencing. - Cleaners that have a highly acidic base can break down the outer layer of sealer on the vinyl fencing panels. Even though you may be able to clean your vinyl fencing a few times without causing damage, repeatedly using harsh cleaning chemicals will leave tiny fissures in the surface. These tiny fissures and cracks can weaken parts of the vinyl, which will mean your fence will be not only harder to clean, but more vulnerable to damage and chips as well. Go for mild detergents, like dish soap, or just warm water to clean your fencing. 

3. Make sure you mow with the grass thrower away from the vinyl fence. - You will have to mow around your fence, but make sure with the sweeps of the mower closest to the fencing, you have the grass thrower turned away from the fence itself. Freshly cut grass exudes liquid juices that result in green stains that you are likely familiar with because it is the same stuff the stains the bottoms of white sneakers after walking on freshly cut grass. Even though grass stains will wash right off if you get to them, repeatedly throwing damp grass onto a pristine white vinyl fence could leave you with some pretty hardcore grass stains. 

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20 May 2016

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