Live In A Rural Community? Consider Chain-Link Fencing For Maximum Security


Living in the middle of a major city sometimes makes it difficult for anyone to sneak onto your property. When close neighborhoods and homeowners work together to prevent crime, you may not see much of it at all. But living in a rural community drastically reduces the population around you, which also cuts down on help from neighbors. In these areas, it is important to take matters into your own hands to maximize security on your property. A fence will be extremely helpful because it puts an obstacle in the way, and sometimes it can be an enormous one. Going with a chain-link fence will give you the flexibility you need to feel great about home security.

Go Higher Than Normal

It is understandable for urban and suburban communities to have strict laws regarding fences. If a homeowner was able to build a 20-foot fence, they would block views for the whole neighborhood. But your rural area may not be subject to the restrictions that these homeowners face, which gives you the ability to pick a chain-link fence and go anywhere from 6- to 12-feet high to increase security levels. This alone will give an enormous challenge to anyone who wants to get onto your property without permission.

Protect the Top

Another benefit that comes with a chain-link fence is that you can enhance it with barbed wire. This takes an already challenging fence to scale and makes it nearly impossible to get over without a high risk of injury. Even if an individual were to come up with a clever plan, it would take time and be quite noisy. Just the sight of it should be more than enough to stop thieves from targeting your property.

Save to Spend Elsewhere

When you look at the costs of all fences, chain-link is the lowest at about $6 to $8 per foot. Opting for a tall fence will increase this by a small margin, but you can use the savings over other fence types to invest in other security features that complement perfectly with a chain-link fence. This kind of fence does not conceal vision, so flood lights and surveillance cameras are incredibly useful. You can install lights on top of the fence itself or attach them to the home when the fence is close enough to be illuminated. In a rural community, you will not have many close neighbors, so you can go heavy on motion detector lighting to maximize security while still keeping electricity costs down because the lights will not always be on.

A tall chain-link fence is the perfect addition to a rural home that needs a boost in security. For more information and options, talk with fence contractors, such as those at Deck and Fence Services.


13 October 2016

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