Getting Aluminum Fencing Installed? Know These Care Tips


If you plan on getting new aluminum fencing installed around your home, you'll likely want to know how to care for the material to keep it in great shape. Thankfully, the maintenance on this material is fairly simple and can be done on your own.

Carefully Wash The Aluminum

If the fencing material looks dirty, it can be very tempting to go directly to using a harsh cleaning chemical on it. This is not always a great idea since all you need to use on aluminum is a basic cleaning detergent made with dish soap and water. Fill up a bucket, dip a cloth or sponge in it, and wipe down the rails of the fence. Rinse it off with your hose when you're finished, and the fence will look brand new again.

Harsh chemicals may ruin the finish of your aluminum fence, such as causing the material to become discolored. It's best to avoid them whenever possible.

Apply Car Wax

One area that may see some more wear and tear than others is a gate made out of aluminum fencing material. People will be placing their hands on the fence to push it open, and it's possible for the finish to wear down prematurely. You can protect the material by applying car wax to the aluminum, which will preserve the shine that aluminum fencing can have.

Wax can also protect the finish of an aluminum fence when you live next to the water, and the material is exposed to moisture and salt water. It prevents the salt from resting directly against the fencing material, making it easier to clean.

Replace Damaged Sections ASAP

While aluminum fencing is very durable, there may come a time when a section becomes damaged unexpectedly. It can happen from a tree branch falling on the fence, a car driving through it, or even vandalism due to somebody trying to break in. Try to replace these sections of aluminum fencing immediately. Damaged sections of fencing material could put extra weight on other sections, causing those to become bent as well. Plan to have the material replaced at your earliest convenience

Other damage may be as simple as scratches that ruined the finish from flying debris. These places can be touched up with paint to make it look brand new again.

For more information on caring for an aluminum fence, speak with a company like Carter Fence Co about it during the installation.


22 July 2018

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