Should You Get A Real Wood Fence Or Material That Just Looks Like Real Wood?


Do you love how wood fencing looks around a home's yard? If so, know that you do not need to actually use real wood to achieve the appearance of wood fencing. Here is what you need to know about using the real deal or a material that looks just like wood.

Real Wood

You can't really go wrong with using real wood for your home's fencing material. You can buy wood that is created from sustainable sources, so you know it is not going to harm the environment by getting a fence. The look of wood can also pair great with an older home. Wood can also be changed in the future since you can sand and stain the material with a brand new color.

The problem with real wood is that it does need care over the years to keep it in great condition. The wood needs to be properly sealed to prevent it from rotting or else moisture will seep into the material after it rains. Sealing the wood also keeps pests away, which can also cause the material to deteriorate. As long as you are prepared for the potential problems, you can prevent them from happening.

Vinyl Material

It's possible to purchase vinyl fencing material that is designed to simulate the look of real wood. From a distance, the vinyl fence will be indistinguishable from a real wood fence, which may be all you want. Up close, you will be able to tell it's not real wood, which may be perfectly fine with you.

Vinyl doesn't require any special maintenance to seal the material since it's solid and will not rot. It needs cleaning when it gets dirty, but that's about it. The solid material will not splinter like real wood, giving it an advantage that adds to vinyl's longevity.

Be prepared to spend more money on a vinyl fence than compared to wood. The vinyl material is also not as environmentally friendly when it comes to how it is manufactured. Vinyl is also good at simulating the look of light wood but can have problems simulating dark wood. That's because the vinyl may become light under the constant exposure to the sun, potentially causing uneven colors across the fence due to how the sun hits it during the day.

Have a fencing contractor provide a consultation if you are not sure which fencing material to use. You can also visit a site like for more information. 


26 December 2018

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