3 Keys To Maintaining Vinyl Fencing To Keep It Looking Like New


Far more durable than wood and offering a non-corrosive surface, vinyl fencing has quickly became a popular fencing choice for residential and business property owners alike. When that new vinyl fence is installed, shiny and new, there is no doubt that you will appreciate the aesthetic appeal and durability and want that to last as long as possible. With the proper care and attention, your new vinyl fencing will look just as good several years down the road.

20 May 2016

3 Excellent Reasons To Install Railings Around Your Deck Or Patio


If you are thinking about having a deck or patio built onto your home, this is a great location for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy the outdoors. When it comes to creating the perfect deck or patio setting, it is a good idea to consider adding a railing to go around this area. This article will discuss 3 excellent reasons to install railings around your deck or patio.

19 February 2016

Access Denied: 3 Reasons Your Electric Gate Might Not Be Working


Security fences are a great way to protect your property. However, it can be difficult, not to mention time-consuming, to manually open the gate each time you leave or enter your property. That's why you also need an electric gate. With an electric gate, you'll gain access to your property with the click of a button. That is, until the gate malfunctions. Here are three common problems you might face with your electric gate.

26 January 2016

A Look Into The Past -- How To Design A Colonial Yard For Your Colonial House


Designing a front yard that reflects the heritage of your Colonial-style home can be fun and rewarding. It adds to the enjoyment of a traditional American house style and creates a more historical feeling to the space. So, how do you get started? Here are a few tips for creating a Colonial yard.  Design Themes Colonial architecture and design was inspired by geometry and symmetry, which is reflected in the landscape and yard layout as well.

6 January 2016

Protect a Wooden Fence From Damage By Adding Stain and Varnish to Its Surface


An untreated wooden fence on your home's property is susceptible to moisture, which could result in a warped and weathered surface. Protect the wood by adding a coat of exterior stain and varnish to it. Once you have finished the project, the fence will enhance your property and will remain damage-free as long as it is cared for on a regular basis. Materials sponge mop nylon stocking soapy water water hose vinyl tarp painter's tape wood stain (for exteriors) mixing stick paint roller roller handle and frame paintbrush wood varnish (for exteriors) Remove Cobwebs, Dust, and Stains From the Fence's Surface

23 November 2015

Giving Your Ornamental Fence A New Color


If you have decorative ornamental fencing adorning your property, you may have thought about giving it a coating of paint to enhance its look. When painting iron fencing, there are a few steps you will need to follow to get the desired results. Here are some steps to follow when painting an ornamental iron fence on your own. Clean The Fence Clean the entire fence with a pressure washer or garden hose.

4 November 2015

Four Tips To Give Cedar Fencing A Protective Stain


Cedar is a great material to use for many different things, such as decking, siding, and fences. If you want your cedar to last longer, proper care is important. Part of the regular care of your fence includes staining and sealing it. You may also want to do things like adding groundcover to protect the base of the fence. Here are some tips that can help you to get more life out of your cedar fence:  

19 October 2015